Physical Education
Instructor: Mr. Burdorf   
Welcome to the webpage for Mr. Burdorf's Physical Education classes.

      Physical activity is great for your body and your mind! 

As Daylight Savings time ends and we fall back an hour on our clocks, its still important to exercise at least 60 minutes a day... Vigorous exercise is any exercise that makes your heart and lungs work harder than normal. Examples of vigorous exercise are as follows: Soccer, Basketball, running, playing tag with your friends. So, remember to get out and exercise.
Discussion Topics
+ Burdorf, John
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Howerton Gr.1
Bennett Gr.4
Spring  Gr. 2
Walker Gr. 1

Brown K-2
Crooks  Gr. 1
Green/Sullivan Gr. 2
 Winters Gr. 3
White Gr. 4
Leblanc  Gr. 5

  Parker Gr. 3-5
  Napolitano  K
  Walker Gr. 1
 Peer Gr. 3
 Benett Gr.4
Bastidas Gr. 5